ACC Responsibilities

The Travis Settlement Architectural Control Committee (ACC)  is made up of members appointed by the Board of Directors.  ACC meetings are scheduled as needed based upon requests made by applicants.  ACC meetings are open to visitors. The ACC oversees the review and approval of all new construction as well as certain property improvements.  All applicants must submit a formal application and receive approval before any work is started. The formal application can be dowloaded here. Once completed, please complete the ACC Online Submission Request below, and add any relevant documents.

The ACC's Objective

The goal of the ACC is to encourage the development of homes and businesses that are of good architectural design and built in a manner that is consistent with the covenants and restrictions of our community.  The ACC ensures that new construction and property improvements are planned and designed with particular attention to the aesthetic appearance of the exterior and the use of such materials as will, in the judgment of the ACC, create an attractive and harmonious blend with existing dwellings and the natural surroundings.  The ACC may reject an application purely on aesthetic grounds where, in its judgment, the change degrades or is inconsistent with the values and rules of the community.  The ACC may also reject applications for development that negatively impact the preservation of the serenity and natural beauty of any surroundings.  The decisions of the ACC are final, conclusive and binding upon the applicant.  Prior judgments regarding such matters of design or aesthetics shall not be deemed binding upon the ACC if the ACC feels that the repetition of such matters will have an adverse effect on property values.