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Community Parks  & Common Areas

In Texas it can get hot in the summer so we Texans are always looking for ways to escape the heat.  Travis Settlement provides residents with a way to cool off in two private and natural settings.   Both parks are open year round.    Access is restricted to residents and their accompanied guests and are controlled via locked gates.

(The combination to the gate locks can be accessed by logging into the ComWeb owner portal HERE)

Our Community Park on Bee Creek

Our private six-acre park on Bee Creek provides residents with access to crystal clear water in swimming holes fed by small cascading waterfalls.  Park visitors can swim, hike, picnic or just enjoy the solitude.  The best time to enjoy the water is April through July.  The creek can run dry in August.  


The park entrance is located on Bee Creek Road, 2.6 miles north from US 71 W.  If you cross the low water bridge, you just passed the gated entrance.  Parking on the street is prohibited, so please park in the gravel parking lot behind the locked gate. Please lock the gate once you enter or exit.

Swimming hole7.JPG

Our Community Park on Lake Travis

Our private park on Lake Travis offers a boat ramp, several hundred feet of shoreline, areas for picnicking as well as 7 acres of undeveloped land for walking, hiking or bike riding.  Plans are in the works to add a picnic table and a floating dock for swimming or day use by boats.

The park entrance is 3.5 miles north on Bee Creek Road, just .9 miles past the entrance to Bee Creek park.  As you drive north watch for where the large electric towers cross the road.  The entrance is at the corner of Barnett Glenn Road and Bee Creek Road.  Please note that Barnett Glenn Road does not have a street sign so use the electric towers as you landmark.  If you find yourself at RO Drive then you passed the entrance 300 yards back. 

As you turn off Bee Creek Road make a hard right towards the locked gate.  Once thru the gate, follow the single lane road 1/2 mile until you see the lake and a boat ramp.   A primitive (grass and gravel) parking lot is available on your right.  The road to the boat ramp is single lane with few areas to allow an oncoming car to pass.  If you have a larger boat please check out the road and the ramp before committing to pull your boat down the road. 

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