New Construction

New construction, whether commercial or residential, requires a close working relationship between the ACC, owner and builder.  The owner and builder must develop a good understanding of community guidelines and restrictions before submitting their design.  To submit an ACC request, please click here.

The new construction process consists of 8 steps:  

  1. Review the All Existing Guidelines and Required Documents:  It is important to work with our Association Manager and the ACC to clearly identify all of the required documents, rules, guidelines and restrictions in advance of any construction work. It is complex. The first step is to develop a better understanding of the community requirements.  To do that you must read all of the relevant governing documents (see the web page on Governing Documents).  Next review copies of the most frequently required construction documents; Schedule of ACC Fees & Fines, Acknowledgement of Construction Site Restrictions, Construction Application Submittal Checklist, Requirements for Submitting a Construction Application and the Construction Application form

  2. Request a "Required Documents Checklist": Send an email to and ask for help creating a preliminary checklist of documents required for your application for new construction.  Even with the careful preparation step new documents may be discovered as more detail is provided.

  3. Submit your Formal Package:  Using your custom built checklist, complete all the required documents and submit your Construction Application package to the ACC for review.  Receipt of your completed package will start a 60 day timer for a response from the ACC.  If your plans require a variance approval, be sure to submit the proper Variance Request forms with the package.

  4. Provide Missing Information: Construction packages are complex and may require multiple iterations before you get all the required documents.  Each time the package is returned for missing information the 60 day timer is put on hold.   This delays the process more than anything else so be sure to put lots of effort into steps 1 & 2.

  5. ACC Issues Opinion:  Once the package is complete the ACC will either approve the package or identify items that are not acceptable or not in compliance.   While these are being resolved the 60 day timer is put on hold.

  6. Appeal an ACC Opinion:  Per Section D paragraph 8 of the Declaration, a property owner may appeal a final decision of the ACC to the Board if a written request is received within 10 days. 

  7. Commence Construction:  Construction may begin once the formal approval is issued, not before.  Starting construction before a final approval is received can result in fines or costly rework.  It you discover something that needs to change you will need to document the change and obtain approval using a "Change Request Form".

  8. Schedule Final Inspections:  As a part of the project planning phase the ACC may identify points where we will request a post construction inspection.  When all inspections are complete and all open items are resolved the ACC will issue the final approval.