Property Improvements

All property improvements such as any structure, building, swimming pool, fence or driveway require ACC review and approval  It is the responsibility of the ACC to ensure that home improvements do not create new deed restriction violations.  Violations can result in fines or costly rework and no one wants that.  To submit a request to the ACC, please click hereIf you have questions regarding this process, please contact Prism Realty Management at

Our improvement request process is designed to be simple and efficient while still addressing the wide variety of improvement types.   We have developed a simple 7-step process.

  1. Review the Existing Guidelines: Review the documents on the Governing Documents web page and determine if any guidelines or restrictions impact your planned improvement.

  2. Request a "Required Documents Checklist": Send an email to with a detailed description of your proposed improvement project and ask for a list of required documents.  Our association manager, working with an ACC representative, will help you develop a "required document checklist".   Some improvements can be handled in an email while more complex improvements may require updated architectural drawings, paint/brick samples, permits, etc.

  3. Submit a Formal Package:  Assemble and complete your improvement request package submit the  package to our Association Manager.  If you need a variance from a restriction or guidelines be sure to complete a "Variance Request Form" for each individual request. Once we receive the package the ACC has 60 days to review and approve the package.  If they fail to respond within this time limit, the request is  automatically approved.

  4. Provide Missing Information: Once the ACC receives your package they review it for completeness.  If you are missing any documents, permits, drawings, etc. the ACC will place the 60 day timer on hold until you respond with the additional requests for information.

  5. ACC Issues Opinion:  Once all open items are addressed the ACC will either approve or reject the change.  If a change request is rejected we will tell you the possible remedies to allow approval.

  6. Appeal an ACC Opinion: Per Section D paragraph 8 of the Declaration, a property owner may appeal an ACC decision to the Board if a written request is received within 10 days of a final ACC decision. 

  7. Commence Construction:  Construction may begin once the formal approval is issued, not before.  It you discover something that needs to change you will need to document the change and obtain approval using a "Change Request Form".