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Assistance for Buyers and Sellers

The Travis Settlement HOA is committed to providing members, REALTORS and title companies with all the information they need to transfer ownership of a property, residential or commercial.  If this website does not answer all of your questions, please feel free to contact Prism Realty Management.

Documents for Buyers

During the closing process, a variety of documents must be disclosed to a prospective buyer.  Two of the most critical documents are the Bylaws and the Declarations of Easements, Covenants and Restrictions.   These documents can be found on the governance tab of this web site.  We recommend that all prospective buyers review these two documents before making an offer on a property.  These documents govern things you can and can't do with your property and it is your responsibility to know what they say.  


For your convenience, we have also provided copies of the original plot maps.  The lots on these maps have changed a little but they may be useful in helping you to understand the community.

Documents for Sellers

During closing a package of documents is disclosed to the buyer.  Our Association Management company provides a fee based service to help buyers and sellers gather these documents. All of our documents are processed through Association Ready at


  • Resale Certificate: A Resale Certificate is a package of documents that provides a complete set of the HOA managed documents required for closing.   Each resale certificate is valid for 90 days.

  • Statement of Account: The seller's title company or the seller may request a Statement of Account at any time. 

  • Owner Transfer/New Parcel:  This service helps transfer the name on a title.

Plot Maps

Lakeway EJT


Plot Map #1

Plot Map #2

Plot Map #3

Plot Map#4

Plot Map #5

Plot Map#6

Plot Map #7

Plot Map #8

Plot Map #10

Association Contact

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